The following listing has been compiled with the help of exotics, reptile and amphibian owners who have had experiences with the veterinarians listed here and have personally recommended them. It is highly suggested that you interview the vets yourself and make your own decisions as to whether to use any of the listed veterinarians. This list was designed with the intent to make the process of searching for an experienced herp veterinarian easier. The decision to visit any of these listed veterinarians is entirely up to you.

If you would like to recommend your herp veterinarian to others, simply contact us with as much information as possible. If a vet is currently listed but you have updates or comments that you’d like to add, simply drop us an e-mail. Please provide your comments in an honest and concise manner. We will review & verify the information and post the submission to the list in a timely manner.
We thank you in advance for your input!


Dr Luke Sultana DVM, MSc. Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Luke graduated in 2008 from the Universita’ Degli Studi di Perugia, Italy. He joined Animal Doctors practice in February 2010.

Apart from doing general practice and surgery, he has a keen interest in exotic animals, focusing mainly on Avian & Herp Medicine. In September 2011 he gained experience at a specialist veterinary practice in the UK.

For House visits & Clinic Locations contact:
Mobile : 79822141

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