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Our Licensed Exotic Reptiles Online Pet Shop can be found at www.maltareptiles.com see Contact Us or call on 77807767 or 27807767 for info. We are now open 24/7 due to our online shop found Here.  We  Offer Next Day Deliveries Monday to Friday to All Malta at 6.50 Euros per Order. 

We are The importers of live reptile food , frozen reptile food & Reptile Accessories. We are the sole distributors of HabiStat, Arcadia, ReptiZoo, ReptiGlobe, Komodo & Lucky Reptile reptile, birds and aquatics accessories in Malta.

At Malta Reptiles & Critters Online Shop you can find advanced reptile accessories such as reptile UVB lighting, vivariums, heating equipment, substrates, habitat decorations, digital and analogue thermostats and much more! 


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Wholesale orders can be shipped free of charge all over the USA and Canada (except overseas regions)


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Our Support team will gladly answer all your questions and resolve any issues occurred round the clock


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Any questions regarding payment methods and payment status will be handled by our Billing department.

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We Also Offer Delivery Within 2 days at 5.99 Eur. Please note That Frozen Food is available for Pickups Only!
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